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With Retail Box Complete Starter Kit Clear Case 16GB with Noobs Heatsink Edition for Raspberry Pi 3

Price: 63.4 USD

High Quality 84*48 84x84 LCD Module blue backlight adapter PCB for Nokia 5110 for Arduino

Price: 2.98 USD

Original genuine SMD SOT-23 AO3403 A3DV15 MOS FET transistor [10pcs lot]

Price: 1.25 USD

TJA1055 TJA1055T TJA1055Tc SOP14

Price: 0.52 USD

C5686 2SC5686 TO-3PF 2000V 11A integrated circuit

Price: 3.84 USD

0603 Chip Resistor 56KΩ 56 kohm 110W Accuracy±1% (50pcslot)

Price: 1.09 USD

YG971S6 600V 8A FUJI TO-220F-2 integrated circuit

Price: 2.52 USD

MTD2007F MTD2007 integrated circuit

Price: 1.35 USD

Si Tai&SH 4026 integrated circuit

Price: 1.59 USD

Si Tai&SH SM16016SC SSOP-24 integrated circuit

Price: 1.18 USD

3BS3LJ ICE3BS3LJ 8 integrated circuit

Price: 0.66 USD

MIP3E3 integrated circuit

Price: 1.21 USD

TL074IDR TL074I TL0741 ,

Price: 0.33 USD

0603 Chip Resistor 1.33KΩ 1.33Kohm 110W Accuracy±1%(50pcslot)

Price: 1.09 USD

0603 Chip Resistor 10.2K&Omega 10.2Kohm 110W Accuracy±1%(50pcslot)

Price: 1.09 USD